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Blackpool teen, Charlene Downes, missing for 19 years will be the focus of a new cold case review into her disappearance after a specialist criminal investigator, Jen Jarvie, has taken on her case.

Jen jarvie was a key investigator in the case of Ann Heron featured in a recent documentary.

Social media has played a big part in people wanting justice for Charlene when her troubled upbringing was brought to public attention. Charlene was abused and exploited by the people surrounding her and her story was the subject of a shocking documentary “The murder of Charlene Downes”.

A botched police investigation saw poor witness statements and unsubstantiated macabre claims and ultimately no one has ever been charged or convicted for her disappearance or her abuse. What Jen Jarvie hopes to achieve is unravel some of the deceit and mystery by looking into Charlene Downes case with a fresh pair of eyes. It won’t be an easy task as Blackpool has a dark side where people are reluctant to talk but the social media group “Real Justice for Charlene Downes” has stated that Jen Jarvie has given new hope and belief that Charlene may have justice one day soon.

Juliet Quill reporting for Qlocal